About SCI

SCI has been solving problems for almost three decades.

We're professional market researchers, and we believe that quality data and analysis is vital to every successful organization. Market research can forecast future needs and wants, as well as compare competition. It provides the information upon which plans are made and strategies are built. In short, market research answers questions.

We have a broad range of experience in almost every major market. SCI is committed to security and confidentiality.

Our employees are dedicated to producing actionable data and reliable analysis. We work with you to investigate problems and satisfy curiosity.

Upon request, SCI would be happy to provide references from one or more of our valued clients.

Our Facility

Our advanced focus group facility comfortably seats up to 12 participants and a moderator, and the attached viewing room accommodates up to 19 observers. We have an additional discussion room for simultaneous focus groups.

The heart of our company is our 70-station CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) center. Each station is staffed with an enthusiastic and highly-trained interviewer.

We are located at 4511 Jamestown Ave., in Baton Rouge, LA. Have a look at a map and directions to our office.