Technology NEVER marches backwards!

No, SCI doesn't have typewriters, audio cassettes, VHS tapes, DVDs, nor buggy whips.

What we do have is a digital audio-video recording system, utilizing five cameras to cover our three meeting rooms. SCI's observation room has direct audio-video feeds from these five positions. Listen to any room on our overhead speaker system, or grab a headset and listen to any other room.

Within just a few minutes of concluding your meeting(s), we deliver a digital media copy of what transpired on either an SCI-supplied USB data drive, or data CD. Bundled with the encrypted audio-video files is a media player, so our clients can quickly locate key areas of the meeting(s). A time-stamp on the video allows collaborators to easily and efficiently point out specific areas of interest. SCI's state-of-the-art DVR system allows you to copy and distribute files safely and easily.

Oh yeah, if you wish, SCI can stream your meeting(s) in real time over the Internet, at less cost than other specialty firms charge.