Commercial Businesses

Markets may vary, but the need for actionable market research doesn't. You simply must know your customers' key areas of dissatisfaction and the reasons they are driven to buy from your competitors.

SCI is one of America's most dedicated research groups. Our personnel and consultants welcome the opportunity to assist you, and will work with you to produce meaningful market research for your business.

Virtually all of our services are geared toward or can be tailored to a commercial business. Some of our services, however, have been of particular assistance to our commercial clients. From customer and employee satisfaction and motivation studies over the web and telephone to brand and advertising testing done by focus group, we have invaluable experience. Our secret shopping service can pinpoint inadequate customer service and our Customer Retention and Service Recovery system can save you money in advertising dollars while increasing repeat business.

SCI can monitor customer service, identify competitive markets, and investigate inefficiencies. We're a full-service shop, meaning we program, write, collect, analyze and report. We'll offer recommendations to improve your situation based on our research findings.