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Updated: 02/02/2022 at 5:26 pm

Food-Giveaway Cost Calculator

Some people believe that you should induce customers to rate your performance by offering a "food giveaway" incentive. They believe that selecting customers who are "Apathetic" or "Content" to take part in a survey will deliver better results.

We strongly disagree. The purpose of a feedback system should be to keep you informed of service failures and help you improve operations. The best feedback comes from those whose expectations were not met.

Use the calculator below to determine how much you are spending on food giveaways and how much is being spent on customers who are already satisfied.

Number of Locations / Units You Operate:
Number of Monthly Food Giveaways per Location:
Menu Price of Food Giveaway Item: (example: $10.50) $
Cost of Food Item Giveawy: (example: $6.25) $
Is Your Establishment Primarily: (please check one):
Fine Dining      Casual Dining      Fast Food


Total Annual Cost In Lost Profit of Food Giveaway: -$0.00
Total Amount Given to Satisfied Customers: $0.00
Total Amount Given to Unsatisfied Customers: $0.00

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Dissatisfaction rates for Fine Dining, Casual Dining, and Fast Food are based upon 6%, 9%, and 30%, respectively. (Source: USA Today / Penn State survey of 6000 restaurant customers.)