As the internet culture grew and society increased its already overwhelming technological savvy, SCI Research realized its 10-year-old, proprietary, web survey software needed an update. So in 2009, we decided to investigate web survey software products.

SCI looked high and low for a web survey software product that would be easy-to-use, aesthetically provocative, and atypically interactive while still providing the reliably accurate data collection standards for which SCI is known. We required something that gave our clients flexibility, gave our respondents an enjoyable experience, and gave us the actionable data upon which we've built our reputation. We set our expectations pretty high and were unable to find anything that gave us everything we wanted.

So we built it ourselves.

SCI would like to introduce Crossbow™, a multi-faceted and user-friendly web survey software solution.

Crossbow™ is a sophisticated and comprehensive survey software solution offering SCI's clients the following tools.

  • Respondent Database Management
  • Mass Mailing
  • Online Survey Data Collection
  • Printed Surveys
  • Completion Reports
  • Quota Reports
  • Topline Reports
  • Cross-tabulated Data
  • Exported Data for use in Statistical Analysis Software

Crossbow™ allows each of our clients to privately brand their surveys with their logo and color scheme. Optionally, clients may choose anonymity with one of our many visual themes.

Crossbow™ abates respondent fatigue (boredom with a survey) by offering interactive question types, like a drag-and-drop ranking question. Of course, it also offers the bulwarks of online market research - radio button questions, checkbox questions, grid questions and more. With Crossbow™, you can insert images or video clips into your questions - perfect for advertisement testing. Every survey, from the most complex to the shortest and simplest, is presented brilliantly and elegantly in Crossbow™.

To learn more about Crossbow™, or to find out how matchlessly Crossbow™ can work for your next online survey, contact us.