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Reduce the loss of your most valuable asset — your players. SCI's specifically tailored services provide a solid, comprehensive approach to player retention and service recovery. There are four services that work together to achieve maximum benefit for your casino.

  • Player Comment Line identifies areas of improvement and works to soothe dissatisfied players
  • Super Secret Shopper identifies potential problems and effectively monitors operations
  • Market Place Research identifies competitive elements in your market and opportunities for your casino
  • GamerPulse™ identifies preferences and perceptions among gaming stakeholders

The Player Comment Line

It is much more expensive to attract a new player than to keep an existing player. To maximize player retention, SCI has created The Player Comment Line — a function of our toll-free calling service. We provide a toll-free number that players may call with complaints and comments. The number rings into our 70-station call center where SCI's research professionals are able to ask probing questions to capture critical data from your players.

Our system gives your players an INSTANT outlet for their dissatisfaction and allows them to vent their frustrations. A skilled and sympathetic interviewer will be available to speak directly with a dissatisfied player, 7 days a week. Complaint compilation is vitally important in properly addressing dissatisfaction. SCI accomplishes this more efficiently and cost-effectively than you would be able to do yourself.

This service provides real-time access to information that your casino needs to operate more successfully and earn higher profits.

Want to reach your less-than-satisfied players with special promotions? The Player Comment Line by SCI maintains complete and updated contact information for your players (including their email address) in our secure data base. You then have the option of emailing coupons or other information instantly!

SCI will take care of your player comments and complaints so that you can spend your time running your casino. You can even opt for us to send your players a personalized letter thanking them for their input to your business operation.

Super Secret Shopper

Failing to identify service, sales, and operational problems means you cannot address them. SCI's Super Secret Shopper offers the following advantages

  • nationwide coverage
  • highly-trained shoppers
  • shoppers that fall within your target demographic
  • initial reporting within one hour of visiting your casino
  • a probing de-briefing by one of SCI's research interviewers
  • final shopper reports available the next business day via email, fax, and/or your secure Private Data Archive on our website.

Market Place Research

Market Place Research will assess the market conditions specific to your casino. SCI will investigate and identify opportunities. Utilizing Competitive Analysis, we will discover the true market position of your direct competitors. Unlike syndicated and industry research reports, our Market Place Research is only available to our clients.

Competitive Analysis will assist in:

  • determining product / promotional offerings
  • evaluating pricing strategy in ancillary areas such as restaurants
  • identifying direct competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • testing market acceptance of new products
  • evaluating ideas, practices, and procedures of direct competitor casinos
  • comparing direct competitor promotional items and specials


A division of our web-based survey services, GamerPulse™ is a system designed to discover preferences and perceptions of various stakeholders within the gaming industry.

When you are running a casino, you can't afford to guess. You simply must know!

Our service requires no software downloads; rather, it is available through our 128-bit encrypted SSL server. Casinos retaining services from GamerPulse™ will enjoy a wide range of questionnaire options and report generation with a level of customer service unparalleled in the online market research industry.