Government Agencies

Our years of experience at SCI have told us that the success of any organization is closely tied to the satisfaction of those it serves. This is especially true for governmental agencies. Agencies charged with providing service to the public, directly or indirectly, must constantly monitor the progress and achievements of their programs.

Government agencies must even more closely adhere to this review process than private entities because they are charged with public trust and funds. To evaluate agency efficiency and success, SCI offers specialized services.


InfoPulse™ is a web-based survey system designed to discover satisfaction of service recipients.

InfoPulse™ requires no software downloads; rather, it is available through our 128-bit encrypted SSL server. Clients retaining services from InfoPulse™ will enjoy a wide range of questionnaire options and report generation with a level of customer service unparalleled in the online market research industry.

SCI will economically, efficiently, and regularly administer professionally created web-based surveys. We will also provide reports with graphical interface upon completion of each surveying stage, allowing you to instantly create your own results graphs.

In addition to the graphical interface report, you can optionally request any of the eight following reports:
  • Database update
  • Off-line surveying
  • Cross-tabulation tables
  • Open-ended demographics
  • Regression analysis
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Presentation of periodic results
We're happy to provide a real-time sample of our web survey capabilities. Please contact us for a link.

Inbound Toll-free calling

The other service we offer specifically for governmental agencies is Inbound Calling. Inbound Calling has been especially useful to our governmental clients.

Inbound Calling involves a telephone call center staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people who are ready to act as your ambassadors to those individuals who need your services.

A specific toll-free number is assigned to your project. Individuals may call this number to reach our call center and be provided with any information you would like them to have, such as available benefits, your location, meeting times and much more. We can even schedule appointments.

This service frees your staff to focus on providing services, making your agency run more efficiently. We exist solely to take calls from your service recipients, which means those recipients will be met with personal attention when they call for information. Inbound calling includes the following:

  • monthly activity reports designed to address specific information needs
  • referral tracking to avoid service duplication
  • service evaluation surveys
  • increased level of service with concurrent reduction of cost

Please contact SCI to discuss this cost effective alternative to starting and/or maintaining your own call center. We'll tailor our system to meet your needs at a price you can afford. We handle the details so you can spend more time running your agency.