Healthcare/Plan Professionals

Healthcare is becoming increasingly competitive. SCI uses the most modern research methodologies, tailored to the healthcare marketplace, more effectively and cost efficiently than any 'in house' operation.

Patient Comment & Complaint Line™

Quality patient service is today's competitive edge, and timely access to individual comments and complaints is the only way to honestly evaluate service. Because 96% of unsatisfied patients never pursue a grievance, SCI developed the Patient Comment and Complaint Line.

PCCL is a function of our Inbound Toll-Free service. Use this tailored service to gather, address, and resolve patient complaints. Customers call a project-specific toll-free number and reach a live interviewer. After a project is completed, the toll-free number is retired for a year, ensuring the quality of your data.

Wellness Information & Registration System™

We realize that the best hospitals and clients focus on patient care. So let us focus on your wellness program administration.

Medical Marketing Systems by SCI can keep records, fill classes, and organize scheduling. We use proprietary software, tailored specifically for healthcare clients, to manage information. Our trained call center staff personally recruits participants for classes and seminars.

Those same telephone service representatives can become experts on your Wellness program, fielding calls and answering questions from your most important asset: your patients. Our calling staff is available 7 days a week and will impart a polished and professional impression of your hospital.

Same Day Surgery Call Back Program™

SCI recognizes that your nurses are probably overburdened. But, JCAHO requires them to call patients after out-patient surgery. These calls make sense operationally, but they take your staff away from what matters most. Free your staff to care for patients by hiring our trained team to handle these calls.

This service minimizes cost per surgery call back, saves your human resources, ensures quality service, and tracks progress & call results via online reporting.

Accreditation Ace Program™

Keep track of member satisfaction, immunization rates, and wellness program attendance with our Accreditation Ace Program. Reviewing these topics on an annual basis is just not enough. Instead, monitor them on a monthly or quarterly basis with SCI. Our CATI call center ensures accurate and rapid sampling of your entire member base. Don't wait months for the answers you need today.

Attrition Identifier Program™

SCI understands that plan membership drives profitability, and that this means insurers need to know the causes of attrition. Our research professionals deliver the details you need. The benefits of our program include:

  • Quick results
  • A detailed report of every contact
  • Identification of specific reasons for program withdrawal
  • Isolation of areas that need improvement
  • Identification of competitive influences
  • Trending of data either monthly, quarterly, or annually

Appointment & Immunization Reminder Calls

Health Plans

Increase your plan's bottom line by ensuring immunizations and screenings. As prevention and early detection are the keys to cost management, SCI can operate a call center meant specifically to remind members to utilize these tools. This service offers the following benefits:

  • Better managed care through prevention
  • Higher compliance scores
  • Lower costs
  • Greater efficiency than mailed reminders
  • Live interaction
  • Immediate transfer to provider office for questions

Appointment & Immunization Reminder Calls


Too often physicians' staffs are overloaded with administrative tasks. SCI wants to help you get back to your patients by allowing you to save time and resources. Let us make the reminder calls to get your patients into the office.

Physician Benefits

  • More kept appointments
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly contact reports
  • Live interaction
  • Immediate transfer to your office for any needed reschedule

Medical Secret Shops

Secret shopping allows retail and other stores to evaluate service from a consumer perspective. Medical secret shopping allows providers to evaluate service from a patient perspective. SCI can find out how well your office staff is relating to patients and meeting appointment accessibility standards.