Non-profit Organizations

SCI is a full-service market research firm, specializing in governmental, private and non-profit industries. Among our many services is Inbound Calling. Inbound Calling has been especially useful and successful for our non-profit clients.

Inbound Calling involves a telephone call center staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people who are ready to act as your ambassadors to those individuals who need your services. A specific toll-free number is assigned to your project. People in need may call this number to reach our call center. They will then be provided with any information you would like them to have, such as available benefits, your location, meeting times and much more.

Recently, we utilized Inbound Calling to make appointments for those in need to meet with representatives of a non-profit client. The amount of people requiring services far exceeded the client's ability to process requests. Using Inbound Calling, service-seeking individuals simply dialed our client's toll-free number and spoke with one of our pleasant staff members to obtain information and an appointment with our client.

We would love to put Inbound Calling to work for your organization. Please contact us or request a quote.