Political Campaign Services

SCI is a national market research and strategic services company that has served political campaigns all over America. We will help you and your advisors design and implement the organization, campaign structure, strategy, and tactics necessary for success. Having worked at every political level, SCI understands the need to merge all components of your campaign into a strategic and comprehensive organization and winning message.

We use the following methods to provide advice about advertising, fundraising, issues research, direct mail, press relations, grassroots organization, coalition building, and scheduling:

The personnel and consultants of SCI will oversee all aspects of your project from questionnaire development, sample construction, and recommendation of appropriate statistical measures, to analysis of survey results and preparation of written reports. We specialize in rapid turnaround in public opinion polls.

SCI can also assist your campaign with media planning and placement by matching survey data to on-line media targeting. By designing and implementing full-scale media plans, we optimize reach and frequency among targeted groups.

Please note that SCI limits the number of campaigns for which we consult in order to provide candidates the personal service they need to win.

Highlights of this service:

  • Chance for success measurement
  • Cutting issues identification
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Opponent strengths and weaknesses profile
  • Identification of key voter groups
  • Resource targeting
  • Progress tracking
  • Strategic analysis

Identification/Get Out The Vote

Because of the size of our call center here in Baton Rouge, SCI Research is often retained to perform ID/GOTV (Identification/Get Out The Vote) services for our advocacy and political clients. Our advanced voter poll services can identify potential voters and whether they are leaning toward or away from a particular candidate. This helps your campaign identify where to spend its resources.

We not only identify which candidate members of the public are leaning toward, we can also identify the reasons for their preference. Additionally, we can pinpoint those issues that are of supreme importance to the public. Finally, and most importantly, we can remind voters to get out there and take action: we remind them to VOTE!

During last year alone, we made over 630,000 ID/GOTV phone calls.

The rich cultural heritage of Louisiana sometimes results in citizens whose names are difficult to pronounce. Using SCI prevents insult and bias to respondents because we collect all data right here in Baton Rouge. This means that during the critical interviewing (data collection) process, we know that when we see . . .

RICHARD - it's ree-shard not 'richard'
HEBERT - it's a-bear not 'hee-bert'
GREMILLION - it's grim-e-on not 'gre-million'
THIBODAUX - it's tib-a-doe not 'thib-o-docks'
DUGAS - it's do-ga not 'do-gas'
ISTRE - it's east not 'is-tray'
BREAUD - it's bro not 'broad'
LeBLANC - it's lay-blaw not 'lee-blank'
MELANCON - it's ma-law-saw not 'mellon-con'
etc., etc.

An example of our success is that of a recent Baton Rouge race for Sheriff, in which supporters of the challenger (who had 46% of the primary vote) thought the race was a done deal. However, his opponent wisely hired SCI. Our client is now the Sheriff.