Professional Associations

For our professional association clients, we offer the MemberPulse™ Research Service. MemberPulse™ is a web-based survey system designed to discover preferences and perceptions of organization stakeholders.

Our service requires no software downloads; rather, it is available through our 128-bit encrypted SSL server. Clients retaining services from MemberPulse™ will enjoy a wide range of questionnaire options and report generation with a level of customer service unparalleled in the online market research industry.

Generally, for every stakeholder that voices a complaint, there are many silent unsatisfied stakeholders. But problems can't be fixed unless your organization is aware of them. Our member feedback system provides an outlet for member grievances.

SCI will economically, efficiently, and regularly administer professionally created web-based surveys. We will also provide reports with graphical interface upon completion of each surveying stage, allowing you to instantly create your own results graphs.

In addition to the graphical interface report, you can optionally request any of the eight following reports:

  1. Database Update — SCI will contact those customers for whom you have no e-mail address (or outdated info) on file.
  2. Off-Line Surveying — Using fax, mail, or phone, SCI will survey those members that do not have an e-mail address.
  3. Cross-Tabulation Tables — These tables allow you to better understand your data, e.g., answer such questions as "what percentage of male (as opposed to female) customers answered 'a' in question 23?"
  4. Open-Ended Demographics — SCI will create a complete report of all responses to "comment type" (open-ended) questions, with demographic information attached to each response, allowing for enhanced understanding of often heart-felt comments.
  5. Regression Analysis — SCI will run different econometric models that, among other things, can reveal significant attributes driving overall satisfaction and help you see and understand trends.
  6. Competitive Intelligence Analysis — Discover how your organization is doing with respect to other area and national organizations in the same field.
  7. Perceptual Mapping — Visualize where sub-segments of your membership stand in relation to multiple attribute ratings.
  8. Presentation of Periodic Results — SCI will create a PowerPoint executive summary of key findings and present this report at a board or management meeting.

We're happy to provide a real-time sample of our web survey capabilities. Please contact us for a link.