Meeting / Presentation Room

Meeting/Presentation Room

The heart of our company is one of the largest focus / jury group facilities in the Gulf South. Comprising over 1,650 square feet, the focus / jury group facility consists of 5 rooms - a kitchen, client observation room, and three discussion / presentation rooms. The largest room is perfect for trial presentations, music testing, or any activity in which you might need to demonstrate or exhibit information for a large group. Our largest room can comfotably seat 40 participants / jurors at a single time, while our two smaller rooms seat 12 and 20, respectively.

Traditional Focus / Jury Group Discussion Room

Focus Group Facility

Our attached observation room provides seating for 19 clients. Observers can watch through the one-way glass or on the 5 flat-screen monitors that provide closed-circuit broadcasts of the focus group room, alternate discussion room, and meeting / presentation room. We offer optional equipment and technology to support your presentations and discussions.

Alternate / Multi-Purpose Discussion Room

Alternate Discussion Room

Each room in our facility is wired for audio / visual recording. Our focus / jury group facility is not only the largest in Louisiana, it is also the largest anywhere between Houston and Gainesville.

70-Station CATI Call Center

Call Center

Our facility also includes a 70-station CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) call center equipped with the latest in small form-factor computers and telephony technology. We staff the call center with friendly and professional research interviewers who are vigorously trained for each specific project and on an on-going basis for quality control. Each interviewer has their own separate noise-insulated cubical, ensuring a clear conversation and accurate results.

To increase client involvement, we offer the option of recording specific client-to-interviewer instructions which are played on two wall-mounted monitors in the call center room. We maintain our own telephony equipment and can comply with any project need (including, but not limited to, IVR (Integrated Voice Response), custom ACD groups, call forwarding, auto-attendants, and voice messaging). Our technology complies with all standard protocols and allows us to integrate other systems based on project need.

The call center includes an attached supervisor room, where calls and research interviewer performance are monitored. At any point, our supervisors can 'tap' into a research interview to check for quality or so that a client may listen. Our first-rate research interviewers, quality control procedures, and advanced technology ensure that we collect actionable data to meet our clients' needs.